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Social Responsibility


For SHIDU, committed to education in mountainous areas and care for seniors who live by themselves is also a continuation of the enterprise spirit of "The Sound of Change". As Our understanding of music, it is beautiful and pleasant, can bring warmth. Sound is not only the carrier of product functions, but also the extension of emotions attached to products. We hope that through the R&D and expansion of education products under our company, the society will pay more attention to education in mountainous areas, school environment and teachers' life. At the same time, we call on everyone to start from the small things around them, to give them the best care.

SHIDU promotes economic development at the same time, give attention to multi-vision, focus on the vulnerable groups, advocating Thanksgiving, feeding society, to achieve economic and people-oriented harmony. This is another interpretation of the sustainable development of enterprises.


Care for seniors who live by themselves
Every time SHIDU communicate with old man in mountainous areas, SHIDU have a deeper understanding of reality, care and communication. It is not only the excavation of product functions, but also the emotional extension of products, which makes the cost of communication less.

Committed to education in mountainous areas

For SHIDU, starting from the product, it can not only protect the teacher's voice, but also give the children in mountainous areas care for listen, It is also a kind of attitude and performance as a corporate citizen.

Sustainable development

Benign, stable and sustainable development is the responsibility of enterprises for employees, suppliers, partners and consumers. Producing good enough products so that participants can get their own satisfaction, that is the most concise concept of development of SHIDU.