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Dear user, it means the end buyer, thank you for your choosing Shidu products and service.We offer after-sale service according to this policy to our products including voice amplifier, digital speaker, blue tooth speaker. Please contact with us to transact after-sale service.


一.After-sale service we offered:

1. Consulting service: Please read the instructions carefully before using. If you encounter any problems in using, you can contact the local distributor or call SHIDU National Unified Customer Service Hotline: 4008 939 488.

2.Returns and exchanges service:In 7 days after receiving,non-artificial fault in normal use occurs, goods can be exchanged SHIDU local distributor after detection and confirmation.

Must ensure that the appearance is in good condition, including product packaging, complete accessories accessories, manuals, warranty cards, etc.(If the appearance is damaged,the goods will only can enjoy Warranty service)

3.Warranty service: During the warranty period,non-artificial failure in the normal use , can enjoy free warranty service (Main Machine has one year free warranty, if man-made damage,  maintenance fee will be charged).

4. Charge maintenance service: The product can be repaired by SHIDU within1-3 years from the date of purchase. The user needs to pay the component fee, transportation fee and reasonable  labor fee for maintenance.


5. The following circumstances are not covered by the three packages. Our company can provide paid services:

(1) Out of the warranty period

(2) product damage caused by accident or human behavior (such as wrong operation, maintenance ,installation or storage countered with instructions, or access to inappropriate power supply, water inflow, oil seepage, breakdown, etc.).

(3) No valid Warranty service certificate.

Customer service hours: 9:00 - - 18:00 per week from Monday to Saturday (except statutory holidays)

Contact: Grace 

Phone: +86 18626876523