Voice Amplifier --- as the tool of professional man, such as teachers, tour guides, trainers, etc. SHIDU not only hope it can protect these kinds people’s throat & listeners’ sense, also hope it will bring more confidence to these people and make the communication became more harmonious & beautiful between each other. At the same time, as a voice amplifier enterprise which with highest growth capacity, SHIDU also hope to be the most powerful acoustic voice amplifier brand, even can on behalf of other Chinese enterprises’ understanding of voice and let our brand’s energy spread to all over the world.

Brand story

For a long time, “Do the Best Acoustic Voice Amplifier” is SHIDU’s positioning.

Real I Be the Real You via Sound
In a world full of noise, the most impressive is not complacency & reserved in front of people, but the real moments when you can whoop for dreams! 

Care for Attentive Listeners via Sound
Prized is not strangers’ censure & ridicule, but the most attentive listeners who has accompanied us all the way. 

Pass Temperature to Each Other via Sound
When we are communicating, the most heart-warming is not a self-talking with a flood of words, but the familiar temperature we felt from the tone of each other. 

SHIDU, The Sound of Change
For a long time, “Do the Best Acoustic Voice Amplifier” is SHIDU’s positioning. To our minds, the voice has emotion and temperature. High quality & distortionless are basic functions of products. Considering the products from the perspective of user and audience, restoring sound’s original quality, let the user and audience get the best care and communication, are our unchangeable thoughts, and also are the more significance value of human nature we are looking forward to. 

There are Many Ways of Innovation,but Feelings without Boundaries
More than decade, we have been strict with ourselves with the attitude of a industry leader. From the independent R&D, scientific & technical innovation, appearance design and patent application & protection, with the rigorous attitude, SHIDU is gradually establishing new industry standards. It’s not the realization of technology but indeed considering problems from the perspective of users and helping them to succeed that we feel most of all.

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