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SHIDU honorary certificate

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SHIDU to "change voice" as the business philosophy, has been focused on product innovation, through continuous improvement, to provide users with "quality, value, perfection, dream" products.

SHIDU passed the certification audit of ISO9001:2015 quality management system issued by international certification organization, and formed a series of relatively perfect management and operation system.

Strict quality inspection standards, so that SHIDU of each product has quality assurance.Each product through the national digital 3C compulsory certification, and national compulsory product certification certificate.

SHIDU products not only have been recognized by domestic authorities, but also enjoy a good reputation in the world. They have obtained a series of international certification certificates, including FCCC RoHST & TTE certification.

The series of Bluetooth products also received Bluetooth wireless approval authentication.

We will not stop. We will demand ourselves with higher standards. We will make products closer to perfection and create more brilliance with the focus of day by day.

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