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SHIDU enter the quality enterprise of Guangdong province

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In October 27, 2017, the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Guangdong province conducted the provincial quality supervision inspection to our company in the third quarter, and the results  were qualifiedIMG_2650-1100.jpg

SHIDU is a tech company that has been working in audio since 2004.At present.The company has more than 200 team members with more than 40 domestic and foreign patents and international certification patents and has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure a monthly capacity of 200000 units.Let us feel the most  realization of technology, but whether to really think from the perspective of the user to help users achieve success.Every time our products are produced, they are experienced.

SHIDU, as a focused audio production company, not only has many technology patents, but also integrates product development, production and sales.


In these years leading the industry,SHIDU  have been thinking about the function of products, not only concerned about their quality, but also focused on the feelings and psychological changes that voices bring to each other. High quality, no distortion is the basic function of products. It's our expectation to care for our audience's voice and sense organs, let us feel each other, and establish trust and communication.


Every time a product is produced, it's an experience.been strict with ourselves as a leader. From independent research and development, technological innovation to appearance design and patent application and protection, SHIDU  are establishing new industry standards with a strict attitude. What we feel most deeply is whether we can really think about problems from users' perspective and help users. 

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