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SHIDU released new cloud amplifier SD-S711

时间:2015-07-01 阅读:527

A new generation Cloud Voice Amplifier was released by SHIDU with a unique creative UHF wireless sound amplification technology that made transmission distance up to 50 meters. It was Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 cloud control, network synchronization sound amplification and built-in high power booster amplifier, the biggest output was 5 watt. Wireless microphone intelligent power saving mode.

After 10 months’ hard work of engineer team, SHIDU invented the first UHF wireless cloud voice amplifier at last--S711. An actions scheme proposed by a famous company was used in S711. It supports bluetooth 4.0 player, the wireless is UHF technology, it has a good effect of KTV, use multi-channel exchange to avoid interference from other amplifier of workmates, easy to solve problem of voice amplifier and interaction!

Suitable: teaching/conference/training/etc.

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