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SHIDU Originated UHF i could Voice Amplifier; Double Emission & Receiving

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Experience endless! With more than 15 months engineering commissioning, 6 times mold's modification, SHIDU new model SD-S92 is launched. Once again, SHIDU SD-S92 innovated & did breakthrough in technology, which became the first voice amplifier with double wireless in China domestic market. And we have realized UHF double-emission & receiving function with strong single, no interference, long wireless distance, built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip, which made the product almost perfect. SD-S92 has opened up the new chapter of wireless AMP technology, which also has leaded the technical innovation of voice amplifier industry. SHIDU is not only the technical innovator & leader in the field of original amplification, but the pioneer of wireless amplification technology.

Adopt dual voice coil 3.5 inch double magnetic trumpet, with excellent sound quality is a must for SHIDU SD-S92 original voice amplifier. For a long time, "Do the Best Acoustic Voice Amplifier" is SHIDU's positioning. To our minds, the voice has emotion and temperature. High quality & distortionless are basic functions of products. Considering the products from the perspective of user and audience, restoring sound's original quality, let the user and audience get the best care and communication, are our unchangeable thoughts, and also are the more significance value of human nature we are looking forward to.

SHIDU SD-S92 voice amplifier is equipped with two wireless microphones, one is hand-held wireless microphone U5 and the other one is waist hanging wireless microphone U2. Adopts UHF wireless transmission technology, which has a strong signal and wireless distance up to 50m. Tested by engineers and found that it has an extremely strong anti-interference ability and the wireless signal can through the wall without prejudice. SHIDU exclusive private mold with whole aluminum alloy process, built-in 1800mA Lithium battery with 15 hours long standby time, and adopt imported microphone-core from Korea, which has a high SNR and can amplify the voice with a more original way.

U2 wireless transmitter is very small and easy to carry, built-in 1800mA 18650 Lithium battery, and with 15 hours long standby time. Equipped with head worn wired microphone, good reducibility and double shield coaxial cable transmit signal, which can reduce the disturbance of magnetic field efficiently. 270° rotating.

Adopt the global famous TI brand digital PA with low power consumption and power output up to 25W. Close range and adjust to the maximum volume, the SPL of SD-S92 up to 138dB (A), SPL is 120dB (A) 50cm away, and the SPL can still be 96dB even 10m away. The sound coverage is about 2500㎡ with maximum power output, which can meet the AMP requirement of a room with holding around 1000 people. Built-in 2600mAh Lithium ion battery with only 6 hours fast charging; standby time up to 20 hours and can guarantee the continuous long time service.

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