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2017 SHIDU General Conference of agents ends successfully

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In June 26, 2017, SHIDU agent conference and the legendary series of new products opened at the QianAn Hotel in Shenzhen. The theme of this conference is "dream legend", with agents, suppliers and colleagues. The meeting began at 10:00 a.m.,the founder of  SHIDU , Mr Yao.reviewed the development course and achievements of 2012-2016 years, and introduced 2017 new products in the second half of the year. "Don't forget your heart and stick to it." this is Yao's attitude towards making products

Cui Haiming, a brand consultant,  explaining  the SHIDU brand planning, "SHIDU do not do marketing, only make the product with the heart". This is the evaluation of the teacher Hai Ming, and is also the affirmation of the height of SHIDU.

The meeting also invited SHIDU  long-term cooperation between the two suppliers to share with their feeling.They all said:SHIDU on the product quality requirements are extremely stringent, but the attitude of the product so they admire.This is also SHIDU of products open box failure rate of 0.1% of the necessary protection, far more than the peer!

Chen general, SHIDU sales manager, also made a speech, Chen reviewed the results obtained from the beginning of the SHIDU channel from 2015 to the present, and introduced the product planning of the offline channel in 2017 and the development of the 2017 market sales target. Chen was full of confidence and believed in the potential for the future development of the SHIDU. 

Mr Shi has always talked about his experience of acting SHIDU. Xi'an Zhou shared with us his methods and details of promoting products. The intense and intense order set off the climax of this conference, SHIDU of success, more than one hundred thousand orders indicating the approval of the agent for the SHIDU brand, and also full of confidence in the sales of SHIDU products. The agency conference is an important brand upgrade of SHIDU, from megaphone to professional audio industry, three strategic deployment, SHIDU to go very steady. Again, the SHIDU brand to a new step. The core technology and energy used in the product, the pursuit of quality first,  is responsible to the consumer, this is the principle of SHIDU always adhere to, but also to build a good reputation of SHIDU of good word of mouth. In the future, we are confident and steadfast. We will welcome new opportunities and challenges with a new attitude.

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