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HKTDC HongKong ELECTRONICS FAIR(Autumn) is coming to an end.

时间:2016-10-22 阅读:650

Highlight 1. 

In this exhibition, the decoration style of the SHIDU exhibition hall is upgraded, with SHIDU brand color as the main tone, with white and gray, simple and atmospheric structural design, scientific and technological scene layout, attracting the attention of purchasers from all over the world.

Highlights 2 

The new Bluetooth speakers T3T6 T8 appearance this exhibition, fashion simple metal appearance, excellent sound quality, innovative functional design is favored by purchasers from all over the world.

Highlights 3

The rose gold product is also one of the highlights of the exhibition. The soft rose golden loudspeaker and Bluetooth sound box are also the favorite of the buyers in various countries, and become the first choice of everyone, and become a bright landscape in the exhibition. 

Highlights 4 

In the conference, the handheld microphone equipped with the SHIDU original loudspeaker attracted many buyers' attention. The use of advanced 2.4G wireless technology and UHF wireless technology, with one second to achieve automatic pairing, multi frequency without interference, 80 meters within the wireless connection, and so on many advantages, clear sound effect makes customers admiration. 

In addition, S90 with its unique and innovative design, powerful sound for global resources committee, the main product award 

SHIDU will continue to take the initiative of leaders, adhere to independent innovation and constantly surpass, and provide consumers with better products and services. 2016,  the HKTDC HongKong ELECTRONICS FAIR is ending. A wonderful continuation of SHIDU

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