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SHIDU awarded ISO9001 International quality Management system Certification

时间:2016-12-22 阅读:678

Ten passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification issued by the international certification, marking the  quality management has entered the international standards, also shows that SHIDU can be sustained and stable to provide the expected and satisfactory products to customers of.


ISO quality management system consists of four classes of documents, first level document is a programmatic document, a total of ten chapters, including organizational structure and job responsibilities; the two level documents are process documents, guide the operation of each department, the three level document is a normative document, the guidance of the actual operation, and the record of the four level documents for the record Document, ensure that each operation are well documented. ISO9001 is the most mature quality framework in the world. The audit is very strict and authoritative; it requires the enterprise to have the quality of delivery expected and the ability to maintain the quality continuously; it is a guarantee to the consumer by the authority of the state authority on all aspects of product quality, process, service and so on. 

SHIDUs to "make change sound" as a concept, focus on product innovation, continuous improvement, to provide users with "fine, super value, perfect, dream" products, to protect the voice of the user,. In the overall operation quality, the company emphasizes the clear division of the responsibilities of various departments, while also taking into account the smooth connection and the clear relations at all levels. The company has really done each link to restrict and promote each other, so that the overall operation of the enterprise is rapid and the target is consistent. A series of perfect management and operation systems have been formed in terms of product quality, regular investigation and real-time monitoring. At the same time, the company also implements the management methods of 6S, namely, "sorting, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, quality, safety", through the standardization of the scene, the present, to create a clear production environment, to cultivate good working habits of employees. In addition, the SHIDU also pays more attention to the potential risks of the industry, and carries out a lot of risk perception work, which greatly improves the efficiency and safety of the company. In the future, SHIDU will make more efforts to continuously improve the existing management system, do a good job of self diagnosis, continuous improvement, improve the quality of products, and continue to meet the needs of the users

Through this certification audit, it is shown that the safety, independence, objectivity and professionalism of the SHIDU management system are recognized by the audit team.At the same time, it is beneficial to the continuous improvement of the management system and the further improvement of the management level.

Quality management system is a work with only starting point and no end point.SHIDU will continue to demand themselves as a leader and attach great importance to quality management, so that ISO9001 quality management system can really become a powerful tool to improve management level.Based on product quality and customer satisfaction, we continue to create unlimited possibilities in the field of loudspeakers and audio

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