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SHIDU HKTDC HongKong ELECTRONICS FAIR successfully ending

时间:2017-04-22 阅读:852

HKTDC HongKong ELECTRONICS FAIR of 2017 ended on April 21st, and the eight day exhibition was successfully completed .This time, we have participated in the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Exhibition and the Global Resource Electronics Exhibition with their products. Unique booth decoration style, full of charm products, attracted many people to watch and  experience. So what are the highlights of the exhibition?


New highlights of the exhibition

This year's SHIDU series of new Bluetooth speakers gathered in Hong Kong. As the protagonists of this exhibition, Bluetooth speakers have a fashionable and novel appearance. The clean and transparent sound quality . The new products in the exhibition are the zinc alloy Bluetooth speaker T5, the high-end voice amplifier T8, the delicate and small P1 and the outdoor portable P2. they all attract many buyers .

Exhibition scene

Unlike in the past, SHIDU took part in the double exhibition for the first time this year. After two meetings,SHIDU left a deep impression, The high-quality, characteristic SHIDU Bluetooth speakers and loudspeakers have also been appreciated by a large number of buyers. SHIDU  of strong strength also

The spring fair 2017 held successfully in Hongkong, providing a good platform and opportunity for the SHIDU foreign trade development, and showing the strength to our customers. We will continue to persist in independent innovation and constantly go beyond, giving you more and better products.

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