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2017 SHIDU Thanksgiving Party successfully ending

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On January 5, 2017, the year end Thanksgiving evening party, held by SHIDU of science and technology, was held on the theme of "heart". In the expectation and attention of people, the grand opening of the Baoan Front International Hotel in Shenzhen. The SHIDU family, supplier friends and colleagues gathered more than 200 people to gather together to witness the grand meeting and put a full stop to the work of 2016.Ten degree technology founder Yao Yisheng, a summary of the work in 2016, in this year, SHIDU to three "YUE return" as a strategic goal, the introduction of talent, continuous promotion of quality management, sales performance, business scale and company management have made gratifying results, overall sales growth of 80%, SHIDU brand Recognition, reputation and popularity have also been greatly improved. Looking forward to 2017, we believe that the ten degree will once again cross to a new stage.

This evening show is planned and actively participated by SHIDUs colleagues. There are various forms, such as comedy, cross talk, dance and so on. The scene is wonderful. The atmosphere is very lively. Now let's review the wonderful moment of this annual meeting.


In the more challenging 2017, the  team will take the initiative to fight against it, and invest steadily in R & D and marketing, and stabilize the status of the brand of the loudspeaker. At the same time, we will dig deeper into the product line in the audio field, and will leap across the larger competition platform.2017 the market is changing rapidly

E-commerce department - Tangting live performance-guzheng


The dance we brought by Xu Huafen, Wu Yuanyuan and Chen Zhaomei.Comic dialogue

From the Ministry of foreign trade and the Ministry of finance to bring us a cross talk Dance lace and leather

Dance from the production department,Look, they are indulgent, energetic and passionate. "Song"

Never forget the first heart, insist on always.Sing songs from Yao We selected 6 of today's Second award , the prize is worth 299 yuan, SHIDU new tone dial Bluetooth speaker T6."Sketch"The research and development department, the electronic commerce department, the finance department, the administration department together bring to you show"Best supplier""Excellent employee of the year"Statements by outstanding staff representatives"Sketch"

A sketch brought by the material, production, and after-sales departments.The final show of the party was a song by all the actors, a passionate, inspiring song.At this point, the party has come to an end, let's go beyond our dreams, fly, in the new year to write a new chapter!In 2017, which is full of hope and challenge,SHIDU will meet the challenge with more enthusiasm and determination.Let the market change, choppy, we have no fear.SHIUD will breakthrough , create brilliance again!

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