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SHIDU At 2016 Spring Section HK Electronics Fair

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The HK Electronics Fair was held on April 18 to 23,  2016, which is not only an international leader purchasing trading event, but  also one of the largest, most influential & widespread international electronics  trade show. This time, SHIDU came with its leading amplification technology,  including UHF wireless, 2.4G wireless technology, which shocked lots of  purchasers and attracted their attention successfully.

For this exhibition, Mr. Yao, the head of SHIDU, said  that HK Electronics Fair has great significance for the development of SHIDU.  It is not only a window for SHIDU to profound brand influence and show SHIDU’s  leading R&D ability to domestic industry, but also chance to improve SHIDU’s  public popularity in the field of wireless amplification.

The HK Electronics Fair will enhance SHIDU brand  influence, forward the cooperation relationship between SHIDU and global  customers.

Meanwhile, SHIDU will also be committed to provide the  best quality, the highest cost effective acoustic amplification products.

On HongKong Spring Global Sources Show, SHIDU has attracted numerous clients from all over the world and got highly approval.

A variety of products covering many wireless technology was showed on the Fair, including the latest double wireless original voice amplifier SD-S90, which are coming soon. Please looking forward to it!

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