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2013 SHIDU public-spirited activity Caring activities for the schools in mountainous areas

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The first destination--Caring activities in Xiaogou primary school

We got up early at 5 o’clock and drove to out first destination--Xiaogou primary school. Because of malnutrition for years, children who were thin and small hadn’t reached normal height they should be yet. It’s difficult to link them with the words ’Children are flowers of motherland and hopes of future. ’It’s also difficult to find this place that surrounded by mountains without our guide.

date: Jul 5 2013  Site: Xiaogou primary school in Shiliang town, Kecheng district, Hengzhou city

The school was among the mountains with only three teachers. There’s three grades so that each teacher should teach one whole grade. Our attention was excessive attracted by one of the teachers called Chen. Mr Chen was a thin, husky person who had worked for 32 years there, he loved singing songs very much but whenever it was music class, he was always hated his bad voice: why couldn’t a little louder? He was afraid of even a little husky, what made his words and songs couldn’t be heard by children. We send a voice amplifier to Mr Chen. Wearing this amplifier, he gave a vivid music class to children with a loud voice at first time.


Employee of SHIDU discuss usage of amplifier with teacher happily
It’s harmful for teachers to give class everyday year by year. Since they have got SHIDU voice amplifier, everything has been getting better.^_^


Stress has been reduced too much by wearing a voice amplifier for teachers who had large number of classes. SHIDU also bring candies to the children, we were very pleasure to see they were eating happily.  
SHIDU insist to start with minimum care, volunteer to be a socially responsive firm !


Mr. Chen had worked for 32 years there and he loved singing songs very much. We send a voice amplifier to Mr. Chen. Wearing this amplifier, he gave a vivid music class to children with a loud voice at first time. SHIDU public-spirited activity, affect society by action!

The second destination--Caring activities in Shiliang primary school


We came to Shiliang primary school for the second destination, comparing with previous one, this school looked much better.

date: Jul 5 2013  Site: Shiliang primary school in Shiliang town, Kecheng district, Hengzhou city

While we were entering the school and sending voice amplifiers to the teachers, the schoolmaster said to us excited that it was timely that we came. Because of every teacher had a bad voice, when they got together to have a conference, teachers needed to shout by their own voice, after years the teachers got ache in their voice. SHIDU said to teachers in mountainous areas quietly,’Thank you for your hard work! Be careful to protect your voice.’


Employee of SHIDU helped the teacher, Mrs Zhang to wear a voice amplifier, after a class Mrs Zhang told us happily that it was easier then past time.
SHIDU--care teachers, support education develop of mountainous areas.

Mrs Zhang had 6~7 hours classes everyday, it was afflictive after one day’s classes. She didn’t need to speak loudly in classroom since she had got voice amplifier. It’s good for protecting voice.
2013--SHIDU public-spirited activity would never stop, supported education, cared elders of mountainous was just a start and we would continue. We will never give up because of love in our heart, we will all on our way! We hope that you could join us to make love always continue!

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